Ny Diesel!

Roundhouse har lansert Darjeelliing NDM-6!

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Modellen har følgende spesifikasjoner!

Weight 3.5kg.
Long running time.
0-4-0 outside framed steel chassis.
Dimensions: Length 309mm (over Coupling), Width 110mm, Height 145mm.
Fitted with a two high-powered motor and precision made steel helical gear set.
Front and rear working directional headlamps.
Full radio control – Stop, Start and Speed in both directions.
Powered by 10 AA NiMh rechargeable batteries for excellent running time.
Gauge adjustable between 32mm and 45mm gauge.
Insulated wheels fitted as standard.
Fully glazed windows and removable roof to access interior.
Available with optional sound system featuring engine sound and horn (extra cost)
Available in any standard ROUNDHOUSE colour.

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