ELR – Hamlet (Kull)


Hamlet is a 0-4-0 tender locomotive using the ever popular Roundhouse Billy design fitted with a 4 wheel tender.  This really is a locomotive that will look very much at home on any 16mm scale garden railway. Hamlet is built with the full endorsement of Roundhouse Engineering to use the Billy design.

  • 0-4-0 Roundhouse Chassis
  • 4 Wheel Tender for Water and Coal Carrying
  • Coal Fired Multi Tube Boiler
  • Steam Blower
  • Displacement Lubricator
  • Axle Driven Water Pump with Dummy Brake Handle acting as a Bypass Valve
  • Water Top Up Valve (Using Water Pump Bottle)
  • Water Gauge
  • Pressure Gauge with Safety Valve set to 60PSI  (60PSI Maximum Working Pressure)
  • Smokebox with Removable Door
  • Stainless Steel Grate
  • Roundhouse Red Buffer Beam Overlays
  • Roundhouse Cylender Covers
  • Set of Firing Tools (Shovel, Poker, Flue Brush, Battery Blower)
  • Please state gauge when ordering loco, a gauge conversion kit is available if change of gauge is required

Available in standard colours, Blue, Black, Maroon, GWR Green